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Jasmine Foot Model

Jamine is one of the most beautiful foot models at our website. She has perfect 7 size perfect petite feet. Jasmine has perfect high arched sweaty soles. She accepts foot fetish, hand fetish, neck fetish custom clips.

Model: Jasmine
Height: 5'7'' / 170 CM
Weight: 125 LBS / 57 KG
Shoe size: 7 USA / 37 EU
Interests: Food & Object Crush, Foot & Soles Show, Smoking, Pedal Pumping, Foot Fetish, Neck Fetish, Smother, Strangle, Finger Nail Fetish, Hand Fetish, Ear Fetish
Nationality: European
Birth of Year: 1997
Custom Clip: Yes

Jamine's Clips